A group of robbers robbed everyone from the caravan ||   ڈاکوؤں کے  ایک گروہ نے قافلے سے سب کو لوٹ لیا 

Hazrat Sheik Abdul Qadir Gilani went out on an excursion with a parade. His mom encouraged him to talk reality consistently. A posse of burglars fell on his caravan and plundered everybody of them.

A looter came to him and inquired as to whether he had something. He told that he had a few coins sewed in his shirt. He took the kid to his chief.  The chief asked him for what valid reason he had not denied of having cash.

 The kid informed him concerning the exhortation of his mom. It deeply affected him. He felt frustrated about his deeds. He apologized and surrendered burglary. He returned everything to all the individuals from the procession and encouraged his posse to carry on with a fair life. 

Moral: 1. Continuously talk reality. 2. Never lie.