Once a shepherd boy lived in a small village. He took out to forest his sheep for grazing every day. 

He would go to a nearby forest every day.  One day he thought of a mischief. He climbed up a tree and shouted, "Help me! Help me! A wolf is coming". The villagers rushed to his help. 

But they found no wolf there. The boy laughed at them. He said that he had fooled them. The villagers men angry  with him and went back. Next day, he repeated the same joke. The villagers again came to help him. They found no wolf. One day a wolf actually came there. 

The boys shouted for help. No one came to help him this time. The wolf killed him the shepherd boy.

Moral : Once a liar, always a liar


Once there lived a dog.  He was very hungry.

He wandered here and there in search of food. He got a piece of meat from a butcher's shop. He took the piece of meat in his mouth and ran away. He reached a river bridge . He looked down and saw his own shadow in the water.

He thought that there was another dog with a bigger piece of meat in his mouth. His mouth watered. He wanted to snatch that piece of meat from him. He barked at him. As he opened his mouth , his own piece of meat fell into the water. 

Moral : Greed is a curse