*  The incident of a thief's repentance * 
A king was very worried about the marriage of his young daughter. / 

ایک چور کی توبہ کا واقعہ' ایک بادشاہ اپنی جوان بیٹی کی شادی کے لیے بہت پریشان تھا۔ 

There is an Arabic legend that a king was very worried about the marriage of his young daughter. He had been looking for a good and pious son-in-law for many years.

One day he called the minister and said that somehow for my daughter find a worshiper from among my subjects and present him. The minister deployed his army around the city's Jama Masjid and said, "Keep an eye out. Anyone who enters the mosque in the middle of the night will not be allowed to leave until I arrive." At the same time, a thief came out of the house with the intention of stealing and thought in his heart why not go to the city's Jama Masjid today and steal the valuables of the mosque there. As soon as the thief entered the mosque, the mosque management, unaware of the thief, locked the mosque from outside and went to their homes.

The troops informed the minister that it seems that a worshiper has come but the mosque has been locked. Now the mosque will be opened only after the morning call, then it will be known who it is. The minister hurried to the mosque and waited anxiously for the morning call so that the good man inside could be brought before the king.

As soon as the mosque was opened, the minister entered with the contingent. The thief was shocked to see that he was caught today and hurriedly made the intention to pray. As soon as he finished the prayer, he would immediately stand up and make the intention again. The minister was convinced of his worship. As soon as the prayer was over, the soldiers caught the thief and presented him to the king.

The minister said, "Peace, O king!" This is the person you want. He has been arrested from the mosque. He has been worshiping in the mosque all night. The thief's condition is deteriorating. The king turned to the thief and said. What if I married my daughter to you and made you the crown prince of my kingdom? Do you agree

The thief looked stunned. He asked nervously. Great job! Why this kindness?

The king said, "You are worshipers." He stayed in the mosque all night and came out after the morning call. The thief began to think in his heart, "O Allah! I went to your house with the intention of stealing, but I prayed with the intention of showing off, and in return you put the world at my feet. If I truly worship." If you had recited Tahajjud at night, then what would have been your reward !!!

Standing there, he repented and repented.

* Blessed are those whose heart is in worship. At present the heart murmurs before its master. Leaving the comfortable beds, they stand on the mats. What will be their place in the sight of Allah? One cannot even imagine it.

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