The wife of a professor buy a parrot at the bird shop and asked for its price // ایک پروفیسر کی بیوی نے پرندوں کی دکان پر طوطا خریدا اور اس کی قیمت پوچھی۔

parrot at the bird

           LET'S START

 The wife of a professor picked up a parrot at the bird shop and asked for its price. 

The shopkeeper said, "Ms. Price, it is not too much, but it has been in a prostitute's room so far, so I think let her stay and see another bird.

" The professor's wife liked the parrot a little too much and said, "Brother, now he also knows how the houses of the Sharifs are." They paid for the parrot and returned home with the cage. When the cage was hung in a suitable place in the drawing room, the parrot rolled its eyes and spoke.

 "Wow, new room!" I liked this room. ”Begum did not like it but she remained silent. After a while, their daughters came home from college and when they saw them, the parrot said,


"Oh, the new girls have come."

Begum got angry but drank thinking that she would tame the parrot in a day or two. In the evening, Professor Sahib returned home on time.

 The parrot screamed in surprise as he stepped into the drawing room  "Abe, wow, eunuch!" So here it comes too? "

The eunuch has been missing since then and Begum has filed for divorce.

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