Ajamu was the only son of a poor man

Ajamu was the only son of a poor man.
Ajamu was the only son of a poor man.


Ajamu was the only son of a poor man. He was convicted of murder at the age of 17 and sentenced to life imprisonment.

One day, after serving 40 years in prison, Ajamo was acquitted by a court, saying he was innocent.

Ajamo was sitting in front of the judge in the court room
He put a blank sheet in front of them and told them to write down whatever amount they want on this paper for 40 years and the government will pay you immediately.

Ajamo wrote just one sentence, "Judge, reconsider this law" so that the precious 40 years of another Ajamo's life are not wasted.

Then he cried and the eyes of the audience in the courtroom were wide open.
This is a picture of the moment in the courtroom when Ajamo's confinement was broken.

We have so many Ajamos who die while living in jail, they are buried somewhere and many years later the court declared them innocent.

When Syed Rasool was acquitted by the Lahore High Court in a murder case, it was found out that he had died in jail two years ago. When Mazhar Hussain was acquitted by the Supreme Court in a murder case 19 years later, the esteemed court was informed. He died in jail two years ago. Rahim Yar Khan's two real brothers were hanged and acquitted by the Supreme Court.

I wish some of our rulers, some of the generals, some of the judges sitting in the court of law would have had the power to revise this law when acquitting a Sayyid Rasool who had ruined his life in prison.