A father explaining advice to his daughter

ایک والد شادی سے پہلے چند گھنٹوں کے مہمان بیٹی کو مشورہ دیتے ہیں. *

* A father explaining advice to his daughter a few hours before the wedding ..
every father loves his daughter

* A father explaining advice to his daughter a few hours before the wedding ..

Daughter, here you ate and drank. Never mention that you ate well at your parents' house. And here you are not getting good food. After a few hours, the taste of whatever goes into the stomach disappears and we do not remember when we ate. 

Never argue with anyone over food. Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swingDaughter, the way you consider this house as your own, you have only complimented this house. In the same way, consider that house as your own and praise that house. Never do evil Of course now it is your own home ..

Daughter, you have mastered, but don't use the horror of your studies on your in-laws. Never tell them I know more than you do. Surely in the matter of your house they know better than you. Because every home has its own rules.

The daughter never sleeps with her husband on her back. That Allah is angry with this act of the holy woman .. The daughter cries to such an extent that if she tries to celebrate once, he will agree. And if he doesn't agree even a million times, try again a million times.

Never demand more from a husband than his status. Realizing his compulsions ... Until you understand the principles of in-laws. Until then, if you want to use something, ask them to use it.
Take care of everyone in that house. Like she kept the people of the house.
Tie these tips to your handkerchief. After marriage, neither the dupatta can

wedding is just as much a momentous, emotional occasion for the parents of the couple as it is for the couple themselves—and the special bond between a father and daughter is brought into focus throughout the entire planning process.