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On the first night of the marriage, the husband entered the room, closed the entrance to the room, and sat near his wife. He first greeted his wife and then paid five thousand rupees. The wife said, "I was unable to bring the dowry. I'm sorry for that." After that, the husband kept the money in his wallet and for a few minutes was lost in his thoughts about what a trustworthy and faithful wife it was who preferred me to money. after that, the husband gave the 5,000 rupees to his wife to show her face. The wife did not show her face. when the wife did not show her face, the husband increased the money to ten thousand. he then he increases the money to fifteen thousand when the wife did not show her face, then the husband increases the money to twenty thousand.

marriage stories

At last the wife did not show her face annoyed at hers, the husband handed the entire wallet to her wife, which contained one lakh of rupees. Be that as it may, the wife did not show her face. Then the husband asks his wife, "What more do you want?" Said the wife a promise.

The husband said, "What promise?"

The spouse said, "Promise me that you won't ever leave me." The spouse swore that he would never leave his wife for life. This young woman was not a standard young woman, but she had done a masters in Urdu and her parents had given her a guarantee of Rs. 500,000 from her son-in-law. Or she didn't even write a million. Such ladies are found by lucky men who simply love their wives. In their eyes, money does not matter. These wives are role models for society.

marriage wishes
stories in english

As a result of which our society is working. The wish was nothing less than sincerity Lesser people died for wealth

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