The Old man!

Old man! I have Iftar in my house tomorrow, there will be a hundred friends, I need samosas and fritters, how much should I pay? I asked,

Babaji looked at me and smiled questioningly.

"How much can you pay?"  I felt like Baba Ji had insulted me,

Even though I have known this question for a long time, it was ridiculous. I took out more money than the original price and put it in front of Babaji, Babaji took the money and handed it to me and said.

Give it to the old woman across the street in front of you. Come and get your samosas tomorrow. You solved my problem, the time for Iftar was near and I was not accumulating so much money, now the poor thing will be free from the worries of Sehri and Iftar for a few days. A cold wave ran through from inside my body.

Who is yours? An involuntary question came out of my mouth. Baba Ji went to cannon.

She is my mother, daughter, and sister. What do you know about relation, what are relationships, how can those who do not know about humanity have the illusion of relationships, has been standing for the last three hours, neither asking nor giving. You people consider fasting to be fasting and you consider fasting to be a rewarding relationship.

Even if you take fast, you can not feel about others hungry , it is not fasting, it is only hunger.

I was walking towards this old woman with heavy steps and thinking, weighing my faith, this money in my hand was not mine, it belonged to Baba Ji, my money was building relationships.

Babaji's money was going to get the pleasure of Allah.I was wondering why I didn't see my mother, sister, and daughter in this car.I wish I could see through Baba Ji's eye too, I wish all the dignitaries would have the same eye,

I wish countless wishes were following me.