Try to save yourself from sins caused by children | This is the most important duty after becoming parents || اپنے آپ کو بچوں کی وجہ سے ہونے والے گناہوں سے بچانے کی کوشش کریں والدین بننے کے بعد یہ سب سے اہم فرض ہے || 

Let's Start:

Have your mobile phone in the hands of your eleven-year-old child. And you think that you will marry her at the age of 30 .. so you are wrong.

When your daughter has a smartphone in her hand and you say our daughter is not mature. So you are wrong.

I also use mobile for many years. Thousands of groups have joined. The reason is that some people have pushed us into the group by using the auto-join option. So some people have added us without our permission to the group. One another such post must come in some group. Seeing which, the mind is inclined towards lust. Friend Suggest comes with such a DP  who makes you feel lustful. This has happened to every person or woman who runs Facebook or YouTube. Nowadays many companies provide adult content advertising. Seeing which, the mind is inclined towards lust.

In earlier times, a girl and boy could bear it till the age of 30.because of then there was no way to be inclined towards lusts. But now that it's mobile, there's lust in it. when the woman is in the market looking at his clothes makes her feel lustful. When someone woman wears a rubber burqa. When you see her, you feel lust.

This means that every day one or the other source of such a reveal comes due to which person is forced to have lust. Then he becomes guilty of all kinds of sins. If you are thinking about child learning, and think to get married at the age of 25 or 30 then you are wrong. Until then you deserve so many sins that you don't know from your children.  The sin that your children commit.

But the reasons are you.

 Yes, you are the cause of your children's sin. Because you are thinking that our children are simple, ignorant even at the age of 25. They don't know about anything. On the other hand, children are searching every website. Then they rap someone to eradicate the fire in their body. Or have sex with someone's consented. I know which comments I am about to receive. Many girls will come and say that 7-year-old girls are raped.

What kind of lust does it arouse? 

Or there will be a question of something. You're wrong, not every girl is like that. Listen, not every girl is like that. These things only make girls suspicious who are unable to do mobile use. And are unable to get out of the house. Those whos have a smartphone in their hands. Wi-Fi is installed in the house. Be Google. Be UC Browser. Be an option to do a sex web search. WhatsApp or Facebook .and he has not seen any videos of lust. Or a boy who has never spoken ill of her. It is impossible...

Every mother. Every father is responsible for the sins of his children. Try to save yourself from sins caused by children. Get them married and be free. And do your duty better. Ask willingly. Ask like. And get married... This is the most important duty after becoming parents ..May God helps our children to be saved from sins through us... Amen

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