When Dino entered the mosque  جب ڈنو مسجد میں داخل ہوا

When Dino entered the mosque  جب ڈنو مسجد میں داخل ہوا

Let's Start:

When Dino entered the mosque, Maulvi Sahib was giving a sermon. He was listening quietly. He was a minor educate. He understood something. He did not understand anything. But when Maulvi Sahib said that we should not despise even the smallest good deed. Tell me when Allah has given an innumerable reward based on a simple deed.

So he thought that I can do this effort too. Just as soon as the prayer was over, he approached Maulvi Sahib and asked him for a simple book by which he could earn a reward.

Seeing his interest, he handed him a book of translation of a simple hadith. Dino had found a new hobby. Every day after finishing his farming work, he would pick up a book and read it by spelling. It was a winter's day. His wife and children had gone to a near village Mecca.

He peeked out. There was silence everywhere. Sometimes the sound of a bird would be heard or a villager would be seen passing by. He sat on his bed and took the book given by Maulvi Sahib and started reading.

When Dino entered the mosque  جب ڈنو مسجد میں داخل ہوا

It is narrated on the authority of Abu Hurayrah that the Holy Prophet said:

On the Day of Resurrection, Allah will say to a man: O son of Adam, I am ill and you did not visit me. Dino was shocked and began to read in amazement

"Son of man, I asked you for food, but you did not feed me." Dino became more upset. He did not know that Allah needs all this. He stumbled and started reading.

"Son of man, I asked you for water, but you did not give me water."

Tears came out of Dino's eyes. He closed the book. First, he cried and apologized to Allah for his ignorance, and then he started praying according to the method prescribed by Maulvi Sahib. And he asked Allah to help him to reach his house, or to come to his house when Allah is in need, He will provide him with food and take care of him. The next day Dino got up early in the morning and hurried to clean the house. He was very hopeful that Allah would have heard his supplication and he would surely come to his house and give him a chance to serve.

Just then he heard someone coughing outside. He quickly opened the door

I peeked outside but Uncle Rehmat was standing outside. He was a cobbler and he used to make shoes for the whole village. Dino wanted to slack him, but he looked a little tired. What's the matter, your nature is not looking good? Dino brought him inside the house. Poor Rahmat was running a fever. He was asked about the treatment. No matter what medicine you take, how long has it been going on like this? It will get better by itself. Rahmat replied helplessly.

Dino understood that Rahmat did not have money for treatment. He went inside and forcibly given him some money. Get your treatment done properly and if you need more, let me know.

He was very happy. There were tears of joy in his eyes. He left praying for her.

When Dino entered the mosque  جب ڈنو مسجد میں داخل ہوا

It was noon and Dino hurriedly started preparing the food. He kept the quantity of food high so that when Allah came there would be enough food. He peeked out again and again but Allah was nowhere to be seen. He was almost disappointed when he saw Karim who worked from morning to evening. Karim told him that he had not received any wages for several days. His children were hungry at home and he was still going home disappointedDino was very sorry to hear all this. He added Kareem to his meal and when he left, he made a parcel of rations and food and given him. Kareem looked at him with grateful eyes and left for his home.

Dino was very happy to be helped by Rahmat and Kareem but inwardly he was also somewhat sad and frustrated even after waiting all day Allah did not come to him. He got a little upset thinking that Allah is angry with him. He quickly took out his book of hadith, first repeated the previous lesson, and then started reading further.

The man will say in astonishment

How could he visit you, my Lord, when you are the Lord of all worlds? Allah Almighty will say

Do you not know that my servant was ill? If you had visited him, you would have found me with him. Suddenly, Rahmat's yellow face turned in front of Dino's eyes

He read the next line. The rest of the hadith will be narrated by that person. O my Lord, how can I feed you? You are the Lord of all worlds

Allah will say

When Dino entered the mosque  جب ڈنو مسجد میں داخل ہوا

Do you not know that a servant of Mine asked you for food, and if you had fed him, you would have found me with him?

Then the person will say. O my Lord, how can I give you water? You are the owner of all worlds

Allah Almighty will say. My servant asked you for water, and if you had given him water, you would have found me with him. There were tears in Dino's eyes and Rahmat and Kareem were shining in his imagination.

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