The man in the hut served the king. The king was very happy  |  جھونپڑی میں رہنے والے شخص نے بادشاہ کی خدمت کی، بادشاہ بہت خوش ہوا، جب جانے لگا توپھر کیا ہوا


Once upon,  A king strayed into a wilderness,

king was saw a hut in forest. The man living in this hut did great service to the king. The poor man did not even know that he was the king. He served as a traveler. The king was very happy. When he started to leave, he took off his ring and He said: You do not know me that I am the king. Keep this ring with you, whenever there is a need to come to our palace, show this ring to the gatekeeper at the door, we will be in any situation to meet us. 

The king is gone. A few days later he had a need, so he reached the door of the village elder Mian Mahal, said to meet the king, the doorman looked from top to bottom to see what time he had to meet the king, said not to meet Yes, he is a poor man. This villager then showed the ring. Now the doorman saw it and his eyes were wide open. 

Do you have this ring sealed by the king?                                            


    The king ordered that this ring should be loosened in whatever condition we are in. So the porter took him to the king's special room, the door was open, they entered, now the man who had come there saw that the king was engaged in prayer, then he Raising his hands for prayer, when he saw him, he returned from there and started walking outside the palace. It's a little far to go back now,

 When the king was finished, the janitor said, "Such a man had come here. Then he started going back." The king said, "Bring him immediately. He is our benefactor." He was brought back. He said, "Peace be upon you, King. The fact is that you said that if there is a need, we will meet the need. I had a need. I came and saw that you are also asking from someone, so my heart." I thought, 'Why don't I ask the king for what he is asking?'

* This is the thing that whenever we have a need, big or small, the question should be asked only from Allah that He is the only door where the desired meaning is found. *                             


* Ask for what you want

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