A king went to bathe in a pool with his soldiers. Some girls were already bathing there. // ایک بادشاہ اپنے سپاہیوں کے ساتھ ایک تالاب میں نہانے گیا، وہاں کچھ لڑکیاں پہلے ہی نہا رہی تھیں


A king went to bathe in a pool with his soldiers. Some girls were already bathing there. All the girls came out to see the king riding. The king liked one of the girls. The king returned to his palace. But a picture of the same girl kept coming in front of his eyes. The king's mind was on nothing. It was night. He kept thinking about it all night.

In the morning he ordered the soldiers to go and find out where the girl lived.

The soldiers found out. The girl's father was a goldsmith. The king summoned the goldsmith to the court. Even after 4 days, the goldsmith did not come to the court. The king called again. This time 8 days passed but the goldsmith did not come. The king was angry. He sent soldiers to arrest the goldsmith.

When the soldiers arrived at the goldsmith's house, the house was locked. The king ordered the soldiers to look for the goldsmith. Goldsmiths were searched everywhere but goldsmiths were not found. Eventually they keep up with a plan.

It was announced throughout the city that anyone who would look for a goldsmith would have one. A kilo of gold will be given.                

                                       The girl's father was a goldsmith.

A week passed but still no news of the goldsmith.

He then announced that anyone who helped hide the goldsmith would be crucified. A week, a month passed and the goldsmith was still missing.

Then the king announced. That if the goldsmith is not found, he will give it to the whole people. Still no goldsmith. Finally the king asked the kings around him for help.

They also found the goldsmith in their own country. 

But They also did not find a goldsmith. The king was disappointed. One day the king had a dream. He saw the same pond in his dream and ran to the pond in his dream. But there was no one there. Be sad When he turned around, he saw an old man.

He pointed to a hut on the other side of the pond. And he said, "Son, the one you are looking for is there. "The king got up in shock and the call the soldiers. King tells  the soldiers. I went to the same pond. There I saw a dream hut and the king was happy.

When he went to the hut, he saw an old man and a girl.

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